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  • Thank you Kenan, your English is perfect as you. I want to ask a question about your interviews during your job applications in US, related to your experience what would you advice to us as a Turkish nurses?

    • İngilizce soruya İngilizce mi yanıt vereyim bilemedim. My advice for you would be to be confident. Just be yourself and own your experience and background. Use “I” language, always talk about yourself. As Turks, we tend to use “we” language and always give credit to others and not ourselves. Talk about “your” accomplishments, “your” skills, not your coworkers or employers. For Americans, only you matter, not others. If you think about it, it actually makes sense, because they’re going to be hiring you, not your past.
      Another advice, don’t worry about your language skills and accent. You will be surprised by the fact that most health care workers were born outside of the United States. So, it’s okay to be not fully confident in language. If you are able to express yourself, that’s enough.